First Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Ramsey’s)
Company Rosters

The information in the following rosters has been compiled from various sources, such as the Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served Organizations from the State of Georgia, held by the National Archives; the Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865, Volume I; Muster Roll of First Regiment Georgia Volunteers, 1861; the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System website through the National Park Service, as well as several period newspaper accounts. Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Field, Staff and Company Officers are presented in order of rank. Privates are listed alphabetically. Every effort has been made for accuracy, but in many cases contradictory information has been found. Where an alternate spelling of a name has been discovered, it is posted in parentheses ( ).  My book, I Will Give Them One More Shot, includes a more detailed roster, with other commands enlisted in, birth and death dates, and burial location.

Field Officers and Staff


Ramsey, James Newton, Colonel

Clarke, James O., Lt. Colonel

Thompson, George Harvey, Major

Anderson, James W., Adjutant

Westmoreland, Willis Furman, Surgeon

Campbell, Dr. James McDonald, Chaplain


Thompson, Joseph Jr., Sergeant Major

Dunn, Andrew, Quartermaster Sergeant

Collier, Joseph T., Ordnance Sergeant

Crane, George W., Quartermaster

Culler, Philip Benjamin Derrill, Assistant Surgeon

Cunningham, Hardy C., Regimental Commissary

Hines, David P., Assistant Surgeon

Hughs, Harry (Hughes), Regimental Hospital Sergeant, Regimental Quartermaster.

McKinley, Charles A., Regimental Hospital Steward

Connally, David Hudnall (Conley, Conally), Regimental Hospital Steward


Keller, Joseph Raburn (Rayburn Kellar), Regimental Drum Major

Clue, Julius: Private, Southern Rights Guard. Appointed Regimental Bandsman.

Luckie, William H., Regimental Bandsman

Mitchell, John Wesley, Regimental Musician

Rote, M. (Roate), Regimental Bandsman

Thomson, J. F., Regimental Bandsman

Well, M. J., Regimental Bandsman

Company A, “Newnan Guards”

Coweta County


Hanvey, George McDuffie, Captain

Swint, Thomas, 2nd Lieutenant

Brown, Andrew P., Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Palmer, Oscar (Palmas/Palmes), 1st Sergeant

Dent, William B. W., Jr., 2nd Sergeant

Martin, Charles, 3rd Sergeant

Brown, Peter J., 1st Corporal

Mitchell, William A., 2nd Corporal

Alexander, Thomas G., 3rd Corporal

Calhoun, Abner Wellborn, 4th Corporal


Addy, Reuben, L.

Allen, George M.

Arnold, John M.

Askew, William S.

Barnes, Robert S.

Barnes, William E.

Bass, James N.

Beadles, Joseph N.

Beadles, William Sterling

Belisle, John H.

Belisle, Lorenzo D.

Bevis, George H.

Bolton, Charles A.

Brewster, Blake Dempsey

Brewster, Daniel Ferguson

Brewster, James J. Pendleton

Brewster, William

Brooks, David H.

Brooks, John Newell

Brown, Thomas Y

Calhoun, Abner W.

Calhoun, Thomas J.

Cannon, George W.

Cantrell, Oscar A.

Carmical, Robert Y. (Carmichael)

Chapman, J. T.

Clarke, Benjamin McPherson

Clements, Thelbert M.

Colquitt, George W.

Conyers, John F.

Copeland, Jonathan C. “John”

Culpepper, John L.

Davis, James J.

Davis, Jeptha Vining, Jr.

Davis, Jesse M.

Davis, Minor Maury Stevens

Dennis, Francis Marion “Caesar”

Dent, John T.

Dent, Joseph H.

Duncan, Benjamin R.

Dyer, W. J. N.

Echols, William S.

Elmore, Jacob S.

Favor, John D.

Freeman, Alvan Dean (Alvin)

Garrison, James F.

Goodwyn, John B. (Goodwin)

Goodwyn, Thomas D. (Goodwin)

Grace, William F.

Griswold, Lyman

Haas, Solomon

Hartsfield, Wiley F.

Hollis, James F.

Huckaby, George W.

Jackson, James M.

Johnson, Marcus S.

Jones, Harrison

Jones, Thomas Franklin

Keller, James Wood

Legg, David Crawford

Leigh, Anselem B. (Anselm)

Leigh, Benjamin Walter

Little, Robert Henry

Mann, Josiah L.

Martin, William M.

McIver, David S.

Meyer, Bernard H.

Mobley, Eleazer Eldridge

Moncrief, William J.

Moody, George J.

Moody, James P.

Moore, George W.

Neil, Michael J.

Newnan, John B. (Newman)

Orr, Isaac Newton D.

Orr, Nicholas T.

Orr, William Benjamin

Perkins, William T.

Persons, Henry T.

Price, Joseph R.

Price, Q. H.

Ragan, William

Ragsdale, Charles David (David C.)

Ramey, George W.

Ransom, Columbus F.

Rawls, Thomas F.

Ray, John D.

Ray, Lavender Roy

Robinson, Christopher C. (Robison)

Sackett, Edward A.

Sims, Martin W. Thompson (Semmes/Simmes)

Smith, Hugh W.

Smith, Nathaniel T.

Smith, William H.

Speer, Simeon F.

Stallings, Andrew J.

Stokes, Augustus W.

Sumner, John C. (Summers)

Swint, Daniel (Swent)

Taylor, Robert P.

Tench, James A.

Tench, John W.

Tench, Reuben Monmorenci “Montie” (Rhubin/Robert)

Thomas, Montgomery L.

Thompson, James C.

Thompson, Young H. J.

Thurmond, David H.

Thurmond, Joel M.

Tomlin, Arken A. (Tamlin, Arcael/Arkin)

Turnipseed, Hiram W. (Harmon)

Welsh, Francis S.

Welsh, Joseph J (Welch)

Whatley, William R. (Watley)

Wilkinson, Henry Q.

Williams, Augustus R.

Williams, Madison F.

Wood, Rufus Peoples

Wood, Winston B.

Wood, Wyatt H.

Word, Albert R.

Wright, Moses H.

Wright, William C.

Company B, “Company D, Southern Guard”

Muscogee County


Wilkins, Francis G., Captain

Atkinson, George W., 1st Lieutenant

Turman, William R., 2nd Lieutenant

Wall, Lawrence W., Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Dennis, James W., 1st Sergeant

Wiley, James M., 2nd Sergeant.

Lovelace, James J. (Loveless), 3rd Sergeant

Althisar, Charles H. (Althiser/Althison), 4th Sergeant

Thompson, William H, 1st Corporal

Jones, Seaborn L., 2nd Corporal

Taylor, George F., 3rd Corporal

Wilson, Clayton, 4th Corporal


Allen, William F.

Arnold, Lovick P. (Lorick)

Atchison, Stephen

Atwood, James H.

Baker, Charles W.

Baker, William H.

Banks, Reason

Barker, John

Barnett, J. W.

Barrow, Charles

Benton, William

Bradford, Berry

Brooks, Wilkins

Brown, Samuel

Bryant, William H.

Bussey, Jesse Frank

Clegg, James

Clegg, J. H. H.

Clinton, Robert H.

Cohen, James

Cohen, Joseph

Collier, Frank

Conley, Luke (Conley)

Cook, Seaborn

Cook, Solon

Cook, Willis

Cooper, George W.

Currence, Junius A. (Currance/Currants)

Denson, Burrell Mc. (Burwell)

Deshaser, Richard

Edwards, Charles

Edwards, Christopher

Etchison, Stephen (Etchinson/Etehurn)

Ferguson, Nathaniel C.

Fletcher, John

Flynn, John E. (Flinn)

Foran, James

Foran, John

Foran, Patrick

Ford, Manley W. (Manly)

Foster, Frank

Foyle, William L.

Frazier, Andrew L. (Frasier, H. L.)

Hagans, Joseph B. (Hagins)

Hall, Moses H.

Hall, William

Hammons, George (Hammond)

Hellings, John P.

Henderson, James

Henley, Frank

Hodgins, Americus V.

Hodgins, Leonidas

Holmes, C. W.

Holmes, Joseph W.

Holstead, William H.

Jones, J. G.

Kelley, William

Key, Peter

Key, Randolph (Kerr)

Lawrence, Drewry L.

Lawrence, James P.

Lynah, James (Linah)

Lynch, Jason

Magnus, George (Magnes/Magney)

Malone, Milton

Massey, Richard

Mathews, Levi P.

McCurdy, John C.

McDaniel, Alexander

McElrath, James (McElreath)

McKay, William A.

Morgan, Evan

Morgan, Rans

Morris, John

Morrison, Alex C.

Morrison, J. H.

Murphy, Matthew W.

Nix, James H.

Ogletree, Vincent G.

Phelps, Levi D.

Pursell, David P. (Purcell)

Reagan, William R. (Ragan)

Reese, John Chappel

Ridenhour, Augustus B. (Ridenhall/Rydenhour)

Sanford, A. P. (Sandland)

Sauls, John B.

Seals, John W. (Seats)

Simmons, Lewis

Smith, Isaac

Smith, James T.

Smith, Jason T.

Smith, Shadrach

Smith, Thomas J.

Sturdevant, Thomas (Sturtevant)

Sweet, Thomas

Tucker, John W.

Watson, M. G.

Watts, J. R. (G. R.)

Webb, William J.

Welch, William

West, Riley

White, Jacob P.

Wiggins, Jeptha C.

Williams, Benjamin Henry

Williams, Benjamin Sherold

Williamson, William S.

Wilson, Henry

Wood, James (Woods)

Wright, James A.

Young, Leonard H.

Company C, “Southern Rights Guard”

Houston County


 Houser, John Andrew, Captain

Palmer, Joseph, 1st Lieutenant

Gilbert, Julius Caesar, 2nd Lieutenant

Felder, John Richard, Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Killen, Samuel D. (James), 1st Sergeant

Havis, Minor W., 2nd Sergeant

King, Sylvester Capers, 3rd Sergeant

King, Wesley F., 4th Sergeant

Duncan, James R., Jr., 5th Sergeant

King, Alfred A., 1st Corporal

King, Francis Marion, 2nd Corporal

Jordan, Stephen E., 3rd Corporal

Killen, Thomas M., 4th Corporal

Davis, Henry B., 5th Corporal 


Alcott, David G. (Alcut/Albert)

Anderson, Reuel Wooten (Rural/Ryel)

Barrett, J. Franklin A.

Barrett, James E.

Barrineua. S.

Baskin, Alonzo P. (Baskins)

Baskin, John O. (Baskins, James)

Baskin, Joseph C. (Baskins)

Bateman, Simon E.

Bechtholdt, Lewis (Bechtold/Becholat, Louis)

Belvin, Thomas Sumter (Sumpter)

Bolton, Matthew Perryman

Bolton, Thomas M.

Britt, Pinckney C.

Brown, D. Homer

Butler, Joseph C.

Choate, Charles T. (Choat)

Clark, James D. (Clarke)

Clark, John W. (Clarke)

Clark, William

Cliett, Alcephron C. (Cliot, Alciphron)

Collier, Edwin S.

Collier, Lawson F.

Cooper, William D. H.

Cox, William R.

Cross, Hardy

Culler, Derrill H.

Davis, John Gamble

Davis, William Richardson

Dennard, Charles W. (Denward)

Doolittle, George R.

Drake, John S. (Duke)

Duncan, Clinton C.

Duncan, Edward E.

English, Solomon

Ezell, Ezekiel H.

Feagin, Henry S. (Feagan)

Felder, Hamblin Ragin

Felder, Lawrence A.

Felder, Rufus McPherson

Felder, William McDaniel (McDonald)

Fisher, Sam

Flanders, Theodore F. (Flanderow/Flanderon)

Frazier, H. S.

Fry, Albert H.

Fullenwider, Sydney F. (Fulenwider)

Giles, Samuel Andrew (Andrew Samuel)

Giles, John Mason

Graves, John A

Gray, Simon

Gunn, Daniel F.

Haren, John C. (Haron, Horan, Haran, Heron)

Hardy, Thomas Mc. (Thomas Mack)

Hardy, William S.

Harvey, Henry H.

Henson, A. O.

Holmes, John B.

Holmes, Robert M.

Houser, Andrew O.

Hudson, Matthew C.

Jones, William C.

Kendrick, Benjamin C.

Kendrick, James Dawson

Kendrick, John H.

Kendrick, Martin

Killen, George W.

Killen, John N.

Klewe, Julius (Klive/Clive)

Manning, Willoughby

McDaniel, Henry T. (McDanils)

McDaniel, Thomas

McHardy, Thomas

McPherson, Lewis W.

Noel, William B.

Norwood, Archibald S.

Norwood, Sylvester T.

Norwood, William Henry

Patten, William C. (Patton)

Paul, George

Peddy, William B. (Piddy)

Powers, John H.

Pugh, Joseph S.

Rainey, Watkins Leigh

Rainey, William H. (Rainy)

Rice, James R.

Riley, John H.

Rutherford, Eugenius H.

Shearin, Martin L. (Shearan/Shearen/Swearine)

Smith, Eason Jr.

Smith, James N.

Smith, John N.

Spencer, John C.

Spier, John R. (Spear/Speir)

Sturges, George W. (Sturees/Sturgess/Sturgis)

Swift, Charles T.

Swift, William Tyre, Jr.

Taylor, Sidney Seals

Tharpe, Albert A. (Thorpe/or Tharp)

Tharpe, James Davis (Thorpe/Tharp)

Thompson, Marshall H.

Tull, Francis M.

Westbrook, Alatia C.

Westcott, Albert

Wimberly, Joseph W.

Company D, “Oglethorpe Infantry”

Richmond County 


Adams, Horton B., Captain

Allen, Joseph V. H., 1st Lieutenant

Crane, George W., 2nd Lieutenant

Simmons, Simmons B., 1st Sergeant

Setze, A. J.(Setz), 2nd Sergeant

Holmes, William S., 3rd Sergeant

Foreman, S. C., 4th Sergeant

Picquet, Louis A., 1st Corporal

Sheppard, Samuel H. (Shepard), 2nd Corporal

Clarke, Horace A. (Clark), 3rd Corporal

Rankin, Jesse W., 4th Corporal 


Adams, Dillard

Andrews, Albert E.

Averill, Alfred M. (Averall/Averil/Averett)

Bailey, A. W.

Beall, Fontenoy Augustus (Bell)

Bignon, Armand F.

Blanchard, Adiel W.

Booker, R. M.,

Bradford, Charles A.

Brown, Milton A.

Brown, Samuel N.

Bryson, William

Bunch, John M.

Burgess, Thomas

Burroughs, A. J.

Catlin, Charles W.

Cherry, Henry A.

Clark, Frank W. (Clarke)

Clark, Walter Augustus (Clarke)

Clark, William Howard (Clarke, John W.)

Clayton, Edvardus F.

Cloyd, T. S.

Cloyd, W. I.

Coffin, John R.

Craig, Cicero S. (C. H. Crag/Craige)

Craig, William

Crumpton, J. B.

Daniel, Wilberforce (Daniels)

Darby, Edward

Derry, Joseph Tyrone

Doughty, Charles W.

Doughty, Joshua J.

Doyle, B. B.

Doyle, W. R.

Dunbar, Elmore A.

Duncan, Jonathon P., Jr.

Dye, Samuel Henry

Evans, George W.

Eve, Robert Campbell

Eve, Sterling Combs

Fleming, L. F.

Foster, Henry Clay

Foster, John Preston

Foster, William Harrison

Gibbs, George G. (Gobbs)

Goodrich, Charles M.

Goodrich, J. P.

Goodrich, William

Goodwin, Charles Johnston

Goodwin, Charles M.

Griffin, William A.

Haigh, William (Haight)

Hall, Albert G.

Hall, E. H.

Harrell, J. J.

Hight, Francis M.

Hill, John C.

Hitt, Virginius Gadsden

Hull, Ellis Harrison

Hungerford, John T.

Jackson, Andrew Muler

Jackson, H. B.

Jackson, W. F.

Jones, George A.

Jones, W. E.

Jones, William H.

Kean, Matthew

Kennedy, W. H. (Kennady)

Lamar, James J.

Lamar, William T.

Leonhardt, George G.

Little, Daniel W.

Love, P. E.

Marshall, Anthony D.

Marshall, Charles D.

Marshall, C. O.

McCarty, C. E. (McCarthy)

McGraw, James T. (McGran)

McLaughlin, George W. (Laughlin)

Miller, E. O. (Burt)

Miller, D. B.

Miller, Josiah

Miller, William J.

Mongen, Daniel W. (Mongin/Mungen)

Morris, Richard B.

Morris, William B.

Morris, Zachariah B.

Mosher, George D.

Murphy, Moses Collins (Murphey)

Newberry, J. T.

Newsom, John W.

Peay, William Edward (Prary)

Pierce, George Foster, Jr. (Pearce)

Pitcher, Augustus M. (Pilcher)

Pope, F. M. (Papo)

Pournelle, George P. (Parnell/Pournell)

Ramsey, William P.

Ratcliff, James T. (Ratcriff/Radcliffe/Ratcliffe)

Revell, J. H. (Revill)

Rhodes, Andrew J.

Rhodes, John H. (Rhoden)

Rigsby, John W.

Roberts, Charles Pleasant

Roberts, J. P.

Roberts, James M.

Roebuck, James Z. (Z. J/W. J./J.C.)

Roll, R. F.

Roll, W. A.

Shain, James T.

Shead, Loring W. (Shed/Stread/Stroud)

Shepard, Samuel H.

Smith, Alva D. (Alonzo)

Stone, Osborn M.

Stoy, Frederick W. (Story)

Stoy, John W. (Story)

Thomas, James E.

Turpin, Miles

Tutt, Thomas J.

Verdery, George Jackson (Verderey)

Verdery, R. W. (Verderey)

Watkins, Benjamin H.

Watkins, Charles D.

Watkins, J. S.

Whiting, William M.

Wiley, Walter A.

Williams, Francis M.

Williams, William G.

Williams, William T.

Wilson, James D.

Wilson, James E.

Wilson, Joseph S.

Wing, Benjamin F.

Wing, Dean

Wing, G. F. (B. F.)

Winn, W. T. 

Company E, “Washington Rifles”

Washington County


Jones, Seaborn Augustus Harrison, Captain

Rudisill, John Wiery, 1st Lieutenant

Evans, Beverly D., 2nd Lieutenant

Carter, William Wooten, Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Jones, Charles Mc., Ensign

Rudisill, Benjamin Franklin, Appointed Surgeon

Youngblood, John Thomas, Color Bearer and Company Quartermaster

Howell, Evan Park, 1st Sergeant

Warthen, George Washington, 2nd Sergeant

Medlock, Joseph Miller Grieves, 3rd Sergeant

Jernigan, Augustus Daniel, 4th Sergeant

Gray, William J., 1st Corporal

Sessions, A. Thompson, 2nd Corporal

Renfroe, William Haynes, 3rd Corporal

Wicker, John Richard, 4th Corporal 


Allen, George R.

Arnan, F. M.

Arnan, James M. (Arnau/Arnaw)

Asimop, Jonathon L.

Bailey, James Wimberly

Barnes, Alfred Suspense

Barnes, Marcellus A.

Barwick, William B.

Boatwright, Benjamin Sessions (Boatright)

Brantley, Joseph L.

Brown, James M. (Joseph)

Cason, George D.

Cason, William

Clay, William S.

Cook, Abram Thomas

Cullen, English W. (Cullens)

Cullen, John E. (Cullens)

Cullen, W. A. (Cullum)

Cullum, S. E. (Cullen)

Cummings, Green E. (Cuming/Commings)

Curry, David

Curry, J. S.

Curry, John H.

Curry, Sylvanus K.

Darden, Marion (Durden)

Dudley, John E. Q.

Dudley, William H.

Durden, Stephen M.

Fluker, M. B. (Flucker)

Fulford, Samuel D.

Fulford, Thomas B.

Fulghum, Joseph H.

Gaskins, Jasper A. (Gasken)

Gilmore, Ebenezer T.

Gilmore, John Newton

Gilmore, Stephen Mathis

Gilmore, Thomas Jefferson

Goodown, James A. (Godown/Goodowns)

Gray, W. B.

Grimes, William A.

Haines, M. J.

Haynes, Charles E. (Haines)

Haynes, Samuel S. (Haines)

Haynes, Thomas Harris (Hayes)

Hermann, Isaac (Harman)

Hicklin, A. F.

Hicklin, William P.

Hines, Augustus C.

Hines, Richard

Hines, Samuel W. T.

Hines, William H.

Howard, Wesley C. (Honard/Westley)

Jones, Stephen B.

Jones, Weaver H.

Jordan, John T.

Jordan, William Jasper (Jourdan)

Jordon, John J. (Jordan)

Kelly, George W. (Kelley)

King, James R.

Kinman, James Kendrick (Kinmon)

Kinman, W. H.

Kittrell, Gabriel (Kitrell/Kitterell)

Knight, Walker G.

Lamb, Isaac

Lamb, J. M.

Lannelle, Robert

Lawson, William Hugh

Layton, John Wesley (Laton)

Lewis, J. R.

Lewis, W. B.

Lewis, William H.

Mason, George L.

Massey, Nathan S. (Samuel N.)

Matthews, William Collins (Mathews)

McCroan, Henry M. (McCroam)

McCroan, John J. (McCroon/McCroam/McCrom/McCrown)

McDonald, Alexander A.

McDonald, J. J.

Medlock, Eugene

Morgan, John H.

Newsome, J. J. (Newson)

Newsome, Joseph K. (Newson)

Orr, Thomas A.

Pannell, Robert J. (Parnell/Pannall)

Parker, William H.

Parker, William J.

Peacock, George W.

Pittman, William H. (Pitman)

Rawlings, Charles (Rawlins)

Rawlings, William H. (Rawlins)

Renfroe, Josiah C.

Riddle, Anderson M.

Ridden, Madison H.

Roberts, John Benjamin

Robertson, Rufus A. (Robison/Roberson)

Robinson, William R. (Roberson/Robison)

Robson, Hans T. (Roberson)

Robson, Jesse A. (Roberson)

Robson, William Green

Rogers, Artemus L. (Rodgers)

Rohean, William G.

Scarborough, Alfred Miles (Scarboro)

Sheppard, Junius J. (Shepherd)

Sillers, J. S.

Slade, S. L. (Slate)

Smith, James Howard (John)

Smith, James Polk

Smith, John Henry (James)

Smith, Joseph Crafton

Smith, William A.

Solomon, Henry A. (Solomons)

Spillers, John S. (Sillers) (1, 2)

Stanley, Joel C.

Stubbs, Jasper Newton

Taliaferro, P. R. (Talliaferro)

Tarbutton, G. Augustus

Tarver, F. R.

Tarver, B. G.

Tilford, T. B. (Tulford)

Tison, Thomas J. (Tyson)

Tooke, Charlton C. (Took)

Trawick, A. J. (H. J.)

Trawick, Jesse T.

Tulford, Sam

Turner, Noah A.

Veal, Reuben H.

Wagner, W. H. (Wagoner)

Waitzfelder, Elkan

Wall, Charles A.

Wall, William G.

Warthen, R. Lee

Warthen, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. (Wharthen)

Watkins, William E.

Wessalowsky, Adolph H. (Weslosky/Wessolowski/Wessolonsky)

West, S. H.

Whiddon, Benjamin (Whiddom/Widdon)

Whiddon, Madison M. M. (Whiddom/Widdon)

Whitaker, George W. H.

Wicker, Thomas O.

Wright, W.

Youngblood, A. 

Company F, “Gate City Guards”

Fulton County 


Ezzard, William L., Captain

Wylie, H. M. (Wyley), 1st Lieutenant

Stone, Chester A., 2nd Lieutenant

Leyden, Austin (Loyden), Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Jackson, Thomas C., 1st Sergeant

Mims, William, 2nd Sergeant

Chisholm, A. Gaines, 3rd Sergeant

Sitton, Phillip Marion, 4th Sergeant

Jones, Peter F., 5th Sergeant

Orme, A. J. “Quill”, 1st Corporal

Love, James M., 2nd Corporal

Howell, Albert, Sr., 3rd Corporal

Krouse, Harry, 4th Corporal 


Angier, Alton C

Atkinson, Ed L.

Badger, G. D.

Badger, Robert

Bankston, John A.

Barrett, J. C.

Barrett, Robert

Bass, U. D.

Blackwell, James Madison

Brooks, A. E.

Brown, David W.

Brown, J. W.

Burns, James T. (Burner/Burnes)

Burner, William

Calhoun, Pink M.

Casey, M. C. (Cassey)

Center, Edward A.

Center, Nathaniel

Chapman, Joseph A.

Clingham, R. T. (Clinghan/Clingan)

Connally, David Wilson (Conally/Connalley)

Connally, James Cornelius (Conally/Connelly)

Connally, William (Connelly)

Corley, W. L.

Craven, R. W.

Craven, V. W.

Crenshaw, James L. (Crinshaw)

Crockett, James M.

Darnall, Thomas M. (Darnold)

Dodd, Phillip (Philamon)

Donald, Thomas

Dudley, Albert H.

Eddleman, Joseph (Eddlman/Edleman, John)

Elengun, R. T.

Farlow, Robert

Farris, Joseph

Farris, Robert

Farris, L. C.

Farrar, Frank W. (Farris)

Ferguson, John (Furgerson)

Ferguson, Stephen H. (Furgerson/Ferguison/Fergurson)

Fife, Robert A.

Fish, Vines

Fitch, F. S. (Filch)

Friedenthal, Morris

Furcrow, N.

Furcrum, Henry C. (Furcron)

Furcrum, J. H. (Turcrum)

Furguson, J. (Furgerson)

Furgerson, Stephen (Furgarson/Furgeson/Furguson)

Gantt, Adolphus (Gant/Gannt)

Gatewood, Zacheus Butler

Glasgow, —

Guard, David Samuel

Gullatt, Henry (Gullett)

Hammond, Richard H.

Haralson, C. A.

Harris, Samuel Y.

Harrison, Joseph W.

Harwell, Jesse Campbell (Hawell)

Haynes, Richard O.

Henson, Fielding E.

Hibler, Marshall A. C. (Hibbler)

Hill, Edward T.

Hill, D. E.

Hill, John A.

Humphrey, G. W. (Humphries)

Jackson, Marion

Jackson, W. R.

Johnson, James H.

Johnson, William W.

Joiner, William Henry

Jones, L. L.

Jones, T. J.

Jones, S. S.

Jourdan, Warren (Jordan)

Key, W. R.

King, H. L.

King, John J.

Lambert, J.

Langston, Jeptha N. (Lankston)

Latimer, Charles T. (Latimore)

Leatherwood, J. N.

Leatherwood, Wiley M.

Lofton, George W.

Loyd, James W., Jr.

Mangum, M. C. (N. C.)

Mangum, N. M.

McClendon, John

Mitchell, Henry A.

Mitchell, R. J.

Montgomery, Joseph

Moon, Thomas

Moore, J. Thomas

Moore, Samuel T.

Ozburn, Seaborn K. (Ozborn/Osborne/Ozbourn)

Ozburn, William H. (Ozborn/Osborne/Ozbourn)

Peck, William F.

Pillsbury, John B. (Pillsberry/Pittsbury)

Pitsburg, J. H.

Prince, David

Rogers, James L. (Rodgers/Roggers)

Sanders, John L. (Saunders)

Smith, U.

Smith, Zachariah H.

Stegall, Richard

Stokes, James W.

Strick, R. (Streck, G. A.)

Suttles, Alf

Tanner, Joseph Branch

Tanner, William J.

Thornton, Jesse (Jim)

Thurman, D. R. (Thurmon/Thurmond)

Tomlinson, W. A.

Turner, James J. (Jonathon)

Turner, Stephen

Wallace, Charles

Warwick, John N.

White, H. S.

White, M.

Wing, Hiram Clark

Wing, M. S.

Wittgenstein, Louis M. (Witgenstein)

Wood, Jesse

Woods, M. V. (Wood)

Wylie, John

Young, David 

Company G, “Bainbridge Independents”

Decatur County 


Evans, John (Jonathon) W., Captain

Colbert, James Henry, 1st Lieutenant

Griffin, Len M. (Levi), 2nd Lieutenant

Fleming, William Oliver (Flemming), Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Granniss, Horace M. (Grannis), 1st Sergeant

Belcher, Simeon L., 2nd Sergeant

Neal, Thomas Jefferson, 3rd Sergeant

Griffin, Thomas J., 4th Sergeant

Thompson, Thomas J., 5th Sergeant

Bates, Mortimer W., 1st Corporal

Peabody, Edward R., 2nd Corporal

Phillips, Joseph, 3rd Corporal

Hunnewell, Theodore B. (Honeywell), 4th Corporal 


Adams, Thomas H.

Andrews, Frederick Wilson

Arline, Arthur R. D.

Arnett, Samuel W.

Ashmore, Sanford (Ashemore)

Barfield, Charles

Barrineau, Isaac S. (Barrimore/Bauneau)

Bates, Mark W.

Beach, Charles L.

Beck, Patrick H. C.

Beck, William J.

Belcher, Daniel S.

Blount, Cornelius W.

Bradford, Charles N.

Bradwell, Alexander Moultrie

Bradwell, Thomas Marion

Brockett, Jesse L.

Bruce, Donald

Buntyn, Franklin (Bunting/Buynton)

Butler, David K.

Byrd, James A.

Cloud, Green B.

Cody, Albert

Cody, John G.

Colbert, Benjamin F.

Cook, Ariel

Cox, Simon

Crawford, Richard H. W.

Creamer, William A.

Crossly, John T. (Cropley/Croply/Crossby)

Dickinson, William H. (Dickenson)

Dowd, James (David)

Evans, Robert Fort

Evans, Seth

Fox, George R.

Fulford, Francis M.

Gaines, William A.

Gandy, Theodore

Gassett, M. A.

Gibson, James

Gray, Thomas J.

Griffin, George D.

Griffin, Isaac M.

Griffin, Jesse R.

Hahn, Moritz

Hambry, J.

Harper, Thomas W.

Harrell, Jacob, “Jake”

Harrell, William W.

Harris, John R.

Hayes, John Randolph, Jr. (Hays)

Henry, Peter

Hines, George W.

Holloway, John W. (Holaway)

Honely, James E. (Hunaly/Hunley)

Hughes, Charles W.

Hutchinson, Thomas J. (Hutchison)

Ingram, William J. (Ingraham)

Jackson, Levi Oscar (Levy, Oscar Levi)

Jeter, Thomas J. (Jater)

Jones, Elias

Jones, Thomas W.

Kent, William Randy

King, John W.

King, Wesley

Kirbo, Franklin (Kirby, Frankling)

Kirbo, Reuben (Kirby, Ruben)

Kirkland, Guilford (Gilford)

Lewis, James M.

Lucas, William H.

Lyon, John H.

Mann, Israel

Mann, Milton M.

McDaniel, James M.

McIntyre, Thomas B.

McLauchlin, Duncan M. (McLaughlin/McLochland)

McLauchlin, James (McLaughlin/McLochland)

Mims, Dr. (1, 2)

Montgomery, Ed (1)

Munnerlyn, Charles J., Sr.

Paulett, Alonzo (Paulet/Paulettee)

Paulett, Marcellus N. (Paulet, Nathaniel M.)

Perry, John O.

Peters, Francis M.

Reynolds, James J.

Roan, Patrick

Robison, John W. (Robinson)

Robinson, John J. (Robison)

Robinson, William A. (Robison)

Russell, Benjamin Edward

Sapp, James J.

Sapp, Pendleton “Penn”

Saucer, John

Shaw, James K.

Shaw, Robert

Sheulain, Moses (Shelein/Shulaine/Sheline/Shenlain, Moritz)

Smart, Edward H. (Edmond)

Smith, Gaspero (Gospero)

Snead, Garnett A. (Garnet)

Stegall, B. C.

Summers, William D.

Swain, James T.

Swain, Stephen W.

Taylor, Green B.

Thomas, James B.

Trulock, Gordon Byron (Truluck)

Tyson, Samuel L. (Tison)

Waller, Robert A.

White, Ulysses D. (Ulishus D.)

Williams, Martin W.

Wimberly, Christopher C.

Woodward, Edward

Wright, Bird B., Jr. 

Company H, “Dahlonega Volunteers”

Lumpkin County 


Harris, Alfred, Captain

Cabaniss, Thomas Banks (Cabiness), Captain

Hardin, Jacob M., 1st Lieutenant

Kelly, Samuel A., 2nd Lieutenant

Gibson, Samuel H., Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Sudduth, George A., 1st Sergeant

Quillian, James Raymond, 2nd Sergeant

Lance, Christopher C., 3rd Sergeant

Hester, William H. H., 4th Sergeant

Gibson, Timothy H., 1st Corporal

Worley, Columbus Warren, 2nd Corporal

Fitts, Charles W. (W. E.), 3rd Corporal

Awtry, Henry S., 4th Corporal 


Allison, J. LaFayette

Arrendale, Thomas W. (Arendale/Avendale/Avondale)

Beck, David L.

Beck, John M.

Bell, Joseph H., Jr.

Bell, Joseph H., Sr.

Bowen, John C. (Bowell)

Brookshire, John C.

Brown, Joseph Benjamin

Brown, William R.

Bryson, James D.

Burns, George W. (Burnes)

Burns, Robert C. (Burnes)

Calhoun, Edward L.

Campbell, Benjamin H.

Carder, Abner (Carden/Cardin)

Cardin, C. R.

Cardin, E. I.

Carroll, William A.

Carter, Alfred R.

Carter, Joshua E.

Cook, William H.

Cousins, Jonathan F. (Cousine)

Crawford, Abel W.

Crenshaw, Thomas H.

Crenshaw, William C.

Davis, Benjamin James (Jeff)

Dockrey, James (Dickery)

Elrod, James, Jr.

Elrod, James, Sr.

Elrod, Joseph M. (Ellrod)

Elrod, Josiah (Ellrod)

Elrod, Levi Garfield (Ellrod)

Fitts, W. E.

Fitzgerald, George

Gartrell, Henry C.

Goswick, John W. (Gosswick)

Graham, James S.

Graham, Robert A.

Gregory, George W.

Hardin, Richard T.

Hays, Sampson

Hayes, Benjamin

Hayes, J.

Henslee, Theodore B. (Hensley, B. T.)

Henslee, Charles B. (Hensley)

Hensley, LaFayette

Hoffman, Samuel

Huntsinger, Robert

Hydon, Augustus M. (Hyden)

Jay, Nathan H.

Jay, Robert H.

Knight, Robert H. (Kelight)

Lester, John G. A. (Lister)

Lilly, Charles A.

Lowe, William Henry H. (Low)

Maddox, Andrew J.

Marshall, Thomas H.

Marshall, William Henry

Martin, John M.

Martin, Van Buren

Mathews, James R. (Matthews)

McGinnis, J. George

Morrison, John A.

Mullinix, Elijah V. (Mullinax)

Mullinix, George W. (Mullinax)

Nicholson, Nasman (Naman)

Norrell, James M. (Narvell/Norvell)

Odom, George M. (Odum)

Palmer, Andrew J.

Palmer, Francis M.

Palmer, William M.

Payne, John W.

Powell, Joseph M. (James M.)

Pressley, Wesley

Rider, James LaFayette

Riley, Albert O.

Robinson, Adam D. (Roberson/Robertson)

Robinson, Edward D. (Roberson/Robertson)

Rowe, James H. (Row)

Smith, Andrew J.

Smith, Thomas J.

Spencer, John W.

Starcher, Joseph W.

Strochan, Joseph W.

Truelove, Benjamin J.

Truelove, William R. (Willburn R.)

Tyner, John F. (Tiner)

Walden, John W. (Waldren)

Williams, Andrew J.

Wood, Oliver J.

Wooten, Francis Marion (Wootten)

Worley, Martin Van Buren 

Company I, “Walker Light Infantry”

Richmond County 


Crump, Samuel H., Captain.

Wheeler, William H., 1st Lieutenant

Russell, Whiteford D., 2nd Lieutenant

Hood, George M., Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Taliaferro, Joseph N., 1st Sergeant

Godwin, J. T., 2nd Sergeant

Calhoun, C. A., 3rd Sergeant

Donophan, H. T. (Doniphan), 4th Sergeant

Hitt, William M., 1st Corporal

Pugh, Nathan S., 2nd Corporal

Howard, Samuel A., 3rd Corporal

Williams, George A., 4th Corporal 


Adams, Lewis

Allen, George Washington

Arnett, B. T.

Bacon, J. C.

Barney, G. F.

Batchelor, William (Bachelor)

Beier, John B. (Bier)

Blackburn, William

Blalock, A. E.

Bottom, Jordan B. (Bolton)

Bowden, William (Bowdon)

Brady, James

Broadhurst, E.

Broome, Joseph J. (Broom)

Brooks, Joseph

Brown, Joseph

Brown, Milton

Buford, John L.

Bugg, G. F.

Bugg, William

Calhoun, Charles A.

Carey, S. J.

Carter, John

Clarkson, William O.

Cook, R. P.

Deas, Robert C. (Dias)

Dwyer, Richard T.

Easterling, James T.

Ebecke, John A. (Ebeche/Ebike)

Eblis, —

Ellis, J.

Frazier, Benjamin Franklin (Fraser/Frazer)

Fridell, H. S.

Gallaher, Michael (Gallagher)

Garrahan, James (Garahan)

Gibson, J. A.

Gibson, Rev. Thomas Harris

Goodwin, W. D.

Hamill, Thomas (Hammill/Hemel/Hemmill)

Harter, D. W.

Hicks, E. J.

Hill, Drew Ferdinand

Hill, Henry

Hill, L. W.

Hills, John

Hitt, Daniel Webster

Hitt, Robert G.

Hooks, J.

Hoops, John (Hooper)

Jacobs, John J. (Jacob)

Keefe, Owen

Killingsworth, W. T.

King, Emanuel I. (Emanuel J.)

King, James

King, John W.

Lard, Benjamin F.

Larus, Thomas P. (Larns)

Liverman, William N.

Martin, John M.

McCullis, Caleb (McCallis)

McGraw, J. P. (McGrath)

McMahan, R. D. (McMahon)

Miller, J.

Milton, Thomas J.

Morris, Thomas Washington

Mosley, James R. (Mosely)

Murphey, Thomas J. (Murphy)

Muse, E. N.

Nehr, Emanuel A.

Nichols, John W., Sr.

Nimmo, St. John

Oglesby, G. T.

O’Keefe, Owen O.

O’Neil, Joshua (O’Neal/O’Neill)

Peck, Leroy Mortimer

Peck, S. M.

Perrin, T. S.

Philpot, John

Poole, William P. S. (Pool)

Price, J. A.

Prouty, William H. (Proutley)

Quinn, James

Ramsey, Joseph Wood (Ramsay)

Reeves, Henry

Rogers, Henry C. (Rodgers)

Savage, Daniel

Schaefer, Paul

Singer, T. H.

Small, William

Smith, Andrew J.

Smith, Hugh Sterling

Steiner, Frank H.

Swank, L.

Tanner, George C. (Turner)

Walker, Paul V. B.

Ward, W. H.

Weigel, George P. (Weigh/Weigle)

Weigel, John M.

Weigel, John M. Sr.

White, Daniel

Williams, Henry M.

Wing, B. F. 

Company K, “Quitman Guards”

Monroe County 


Pinckard, James S., Captain

Stephens, John Turner, 1st Lieutenant

Banks, Joseph Ralph, 2nd Lieutenant

Cabaniss, George A., Jr. 2nd (or 3rd) Lieutenant

Ponder, James M., 1st Sergeant

Sneed, Archibald Henderson (Snead), 2nd Sergeant

Ensign, Nathan Raleigh, 3rd Sergeant

Smith, Francis M. (1, 2): 4th Sergeant

Dumas, William Jefferson, 5th Sergeant

Collier, Lewis G., 1st Corporal

Christian, J. R., 2nd Corporal

Tyus, John Lewis (Tynes), 3rd Corporal

Leary, Jefferson M., 4th Corporal 


Alexander, Willis R.

Anthony, James S.

I. P. Banks

Banks, Thomas J.

Barron, Jonathan W. H.

Bean, John A.

Bean, Edward W.

Bird, Elijah S.

Blissett, Elijah W. (Blissitt/Elisha)

Brantley, Mark

Brown, Benjamin S. (R. S.)

Cabaniss, Joseph W. (Cabiness)

Calbert, James P.

Callaway, John E.

Chambliss, William L.

Chambliss, Zachariah H.

Christian, E. Ralph (Chresham)

Clements, John T.

Cleveland, Milton W.

Clowers, John F. (Clower)

Coggins, Thomas

Colbert, James P. (Cobbert).

Cook, David M. W.

Davidson, William T.

Davis, Thomas W.

Dillon, Henry

Douglas, Samuel S. (Douglass)

Dumas, Henry Turner

Edge, Joseph G.

English, Jason F. M.

Evans, Edward F.

Fambro, James F. (Fambrough)

Flewellen, James M. (Flewellin/Fluewallen)

Ford, James W.

Gaines, William Thomas

Gates, Seth W.

Gibson, Daniel Newton

Goggins, Thomas F. (Goggans)

Goings, Thomas J. (Gorings)

Granberry, Thomas J. (Grandbury)

Grant, John S.

Ham, Thomas C.

Harman, Archibald F.

Haynes, William A.

Head, James Joshua (Joshua James)

Hill, Benjamin Handy

Hogan, Ridgeway W.

Huguley, Thomas J. (Huguly/Hughey/Hughley)

Ivey, James R.

Ivey, William T.

James, Rufus J.

Johnson, William F.

Joiner, Simon Joseph (Joyner)

Jones, Jesse

Kendrick, W. B.

Land, James N.

Lane, Absalom (Lance)

Lane, Cullen

Lane, Matthew M.

Leary, Thomas W.

Levy, Mendel (Mendell)

Livingston, John W.

Livingston, Thomas W.

Martin, James A.

McAfee, Jonathan A. (McAffee)

McCommon, William J.

McCowen, Benjamin Butler

McCowen, Thomas Grant

McGinty, Augustine C.

McGough, Christopher Columbus

McMullan, John S.

McRae, A. T.

Middlebrooks, Iverson A.

Milner, William J. (Millner)

Morrison, Levi Willis (Morison)

Nobles, Durant T.

Pennington, James A. (Penington)

Phillips, James R. D.

Phillips, William H. D.

Polhill, Frederick Taylor

Ponder, Daniel J.

Ponder, Oliver H. P.

Potts, Moses A.

Potts, Samuel W.

Reese, Joseph B.

Rosenberger, Gustav (Rozenberger/Rosenburg)

Salby, Sam

Sawley, Ariostus

Saxon, John F. (Saxton)

Sharp, Cyrus H.

Senter, Charles Wesley (Center/Seuter)

Senter, John Robert (Center, James)

Sheram, Edward M. (Sherm/Sherum/Shuram/Shurrum/Sherrum)

Sheram, George Washington (Shuram/Shurrum/Sherrum)

Sheram, John W. (Shuram/Shurrum/Sherrum)

Simmons, James M. (Simons)

Simmons, James W. (Simons)

Simmons, Robert (Simons)

Smith, Eugene P.

Smith, John H.

Smith, Joseph M.

Smith, Walker P.

Smith, William E.

Stanford, Jabez D.

Stephens, John W.

Stokes, James J.

Sutton, Stephen M., Jr.

Swan, Thomas M. (Swann)

Tate, James G.

Tate, William J.

Toney, Charles P.

Toney, W. Henry (Neary)

Turner, Asbury A.

Ward, Tandy F.

Weathersby, George F.

Wheeler, Enoch H.

Wilder, J. D.

Williams, Francis M.

Wilson, Christopher Columbus (Willson)

Wilson, Robert K.

Woodall, Thomas

Wooten, Floyd G. (Wooton)

Wynne, Napoleon B., Jr. (Wynn)

Wynne, Napoleon B., Sr. (Wynn)

Young, David Pierce

Young, M. N.